It is late November and here I am trying to think on any coffee that I could safely assure you is the 'coffee of the year' and every time I look into my notes, thoughts, feelings, moments.  The same one keeps coming time and time again.  Finca Licho from Costa Rica, is a natural processed bean with the most amazing mouthfeel I ever came across in a filter coffee.   The first batch arrived in the summer and of course I made an iced V60 with it the result was fantastic, on the clever was awesome as well.   I still remember the big smile it put in my face as soon as I cupped it.  Finca de Licho, is run by Edgar Aguilera-Bomilla and his three sons. The farm is located in the Naranjo (West Valley) region of Costa Rica, the heart of Costa Rican coffee-growing country, in the Los Robles micro-region, at an altitude of 1,500 meters (about 4,650 feet). The farm grows Caturra and Catuai varietal coffee. Annual production is only about 200 bags. The coffee is processed using the fully washed method, and beans are dried under full sun on a patio.

We managed to get our hands on the last batch and have a very limited amount on the website for you to enjoy it.