At Kofra we are lucky to be able to. once again, have as Single Origin Espresso of week one of the most exciting coffees of the year so far. Of course I am talking about the Geisha Boquete Panama.  After its success 4 weeks ago when we had it for the first time on the hopper I was really keen on getting my hands on some more, but it's not always easy to get hold of such a special coffee, another reason it is special I guess.
Extremely floral in the aromatics, with loads of tropical fruit, light bodied and delicate on one hand, yet extremely flavourful and long-lasting on the palate. There is no other coffee quite like it with such incredible sweet floral, citrus blossom, sweet honey perfume atomized into the air. In terms of intensity, fruited and floral aspects, a treat! In fact even though the roast profile is for espresso, this particular coffee is amazing as filter.  
Unfortunately we are not able to sell it on retail due to the very small amount we have, but we are working on getting some more. In the mean time come to the bar to taste it as espresso or as filter.