We are now approaching the six month mark and I thought it was a good idea to write some notes here and let you know how things are going at Kofra.

First things first. Business is good! We are growing week by week and I am very happy and proud to report that we have had a good summer. The Cold Brew boom worked in our favour and our Iced Blacks were a hit from day one. Together with the iced lattes they were the product of the summer for us. Yet, I feel we could have done better and plan a better summer menu with a more seasonal feel to it. The espresso based hot drinks always sell well but still, we also learned that there is a good future for cold brew and more cold brew inspired drinks will definitely be featured again on our next summer’s menu. Coffee is and will be our main focus but I now understand that it needs to be complemented with a very small range of cold, fun and delicious soft drinks.

Even though we got some grief about it, I am still glad we don’t serve food. This has allowed us to focus on our guests and it is slowly starting to pay off.

We have evolved not only on the aesthetics but also on the all-around feeling of the shop. The branding is even stronger and the ‘Kofra Yellow’ is now a thing. The positioning of the brand and the reputation of the coffee is fantastic. We want to continue to evolve and keep listening to what our guests want and expect from us, but I believe that we are on the right track.

We are building a strong team of members of staf. Caitlin, Otto and Fatima are 3 very different characters with one thing in common: Coffee. I guess everything is easier if you are lucky enough to have such a great team around you. The word grateful comes to my mind when I think about the last six months, grateful not only to our guests but also to Caffenation for allowing us to showcase their incredibly delicious coffees week after week.

Last but not least I want to mention what in my opinion has been the biggest gain of Kofra and that is the relationships that we build with our guests. Kofra has become a hub of creative and energetic people of which I am proud and thankful.

The future looks bright.