A couple of months ago we went from Kofra Espresso Bar to become Kofra Speciality Coffee Brewers. This change was due to many reasons (including a few people complaining as they didn't want another bar in the area), although we don't serve any alcohol!  It seems that the word "Bar" really upsets some people.

However, the most important reason is that, when we opened Kofra we could only dream of serving as many filter coffees as we do today.  Everyday we prepare as many Aeropresses and Clever filters as we prepare Cappuccinos and Flat whites; something we simply didn't expect. The care, time, effort that goes into each brew is starting to pay off, people like our filter coffee. We love the preparation and showcasing each of the amazing coffees we get every week from around the world thanks to Caffenation and their amazing capacity to surprise us with the most delicious beans they can get their hands on. What I love the most is that the younger generations are the ones who seem more interested; asking questions, discussing tasting notes and sharing recipes and techniques to make a better coffee. This to me is great news, it means that filter coffee is here to stay. It really is true that the future of coffee is black!

So, Kofra Speciality Coffee Brewers seems appropriate. We brew coffee and hope to keep doing so for a long time. The new winter menu is really exciting and we hope to present it to you in the upcoming weeks. In the meantime we have a new Kenyan Coffee to be served as Filter of the week and the very last of the Ethiopian Naturals- a last kiss of summer as I call it. 

The kofra team.