Top 3 most memorable espressos at the bar.

These are what comes to mind when I think of 2016 at Kofra as a barista, it has been a privilege to be able to work with some of the finest coffee beans in the world.

#1 LGB Sweet Xmas (Caffenation)

This is without a doubt the best espresso we have ever served at Kofra. It feels like we have grown up together and become a bit more sophisticated. We now know the profile a bit better and I truly believe that we finally are doing the farmers and the roasters justice. We are serving this blend with our milk drinks, also as ristrettos but where I think it really shines is when we serve it long as a EK43 shot. Boom! I believe this is the best espresso blend of its kind in the whole of Europe, I really do. Not only for the price, quality and consistency but because it really showcases what modern coffee is. At Kofra we are really grateful for the opportunity to work with it, this is an espresso that truly expresses who we are as coffee shop, as coffee professionals, but most importantly who our customers are and what they enjoy because ultimately, they are the ones that every day for the past year kept asking for the mighty LGB. We are also serving it as filter (it is that good) and you can still come and taste some. Components: 40% KONGA from Ethiopia 40% CHELELECTU Ethiopia 20% WINDRUSH Kenya.

#2 Friendo Blendo (Four Barrel Coffeeroasters - San Francisco)

Yes, another blend I know, but what a blend! When a friend was coming to visit from San Francisco earlier this year he asked what would I like from California and I said: Would you be happy to bring some coffee for Kofra? Little did he know that a week later a 25kg box was going to arrive at his house (he wasn’t pleased) so he carried it all the way from San Francisco to Norwich and it just flew out the doors. It was the most successful guest espresso we've ever had at Kofra. It was so delicious. I must say that the guys from Four Barrel couldn’t be more accommodating to our needs, they are good people, good coffee people. Components: Nicaragua Animal, Ethiopia Hunda Oli, Ethiopia Biftu Gudina.

#3 Burundi Kayanza MBIRIZI. (Caffenation)

When we cupped this coffee I was very impressed by how clean and bright it was. So two days later it was in the hopper as espresso of the week and it became one of the espressos of the year for me. I remember thinking to myself “and I thought I didn't like the coffees from Burundi” with notes of red fruit and a grapefruit acidity. One of those coffees that instantly put a smile on your face. Another winner as a long shot on the EK43.

Top 3 most memorable filters this year.

#1 Colombia La Esperanza (La Cabra Coffee Roasters)

I had the opportunity to sample some of these beans thanks to Ed as he was preparing for the Brewers Cup UK (he came 5th) It was love, love, love! I had never tasted Colombian coffee like that, it was like a blueberries explosion and the acidity was so delicate yet perfectly balanced the cup. To this day I think of that cup and it makes me wonder if I ever will experience the same again. Definitely one of those coffee moments that we live for.

#2 Kenya Nyeri Kangocho PB

Everyone knows how much we love Kenyan coffees at Kofra and it is for a good reason, their coffees are exceptional and they make the most fantastic filters, there is always a Kenyan on the batch brew and its always a winner. Kangocho PB to me has been the sweetest one with the most body and the most floral. Together with the LGB it is our best seller as beans to take home. You guys have good taste.

#3 Ethiopia Yirgacheffe IDIDO Natural. (Caffenation)

In 2015 we had too many naturals, and I started to really dislike them. So, I decided that in 2016 we were not going to buy any “naturals” unless they were spectacular and oh boy, Rob sent us some of this legendary, classy and yet in your face beans. We absolutely loved it. In fact, we even put some in the recipe that made the most recent multi award winning Kofra Stout… Now you know the secret.

3 Most played songs at Kofra in 2016

Jaffa -Still- Album: Colour Theory by: Submotion Orchestra.
Letter to the editor Single. by: Thievery Corporation feat Racquel Jones
A bright day. Album: SB2 by: Gramatik

Note: Danni, Abel and Kami might disagree with this music selection and I am sure they will write their own list soon.