Boutique of flavours
It all started with the dream of selling coffee, good coffee, exceptional coffee. A one man operation, roasted by the best in the world. I still remember when brewing the first filters at Kofra, my thoughts were: I can’t believe I am doing this professionally and most importantly, that people are willing to pay me money for it. What a dream!

And the dream has kept going for almost 3 years now. During year two we were approached by the guys from Redwell Brewery and the multi award winning Kofra Stout was born. We were so pleased with the results that we decided to stock a few cans at Kofra as a celebration. Little did we know that we were going to sell so many of them that we actually found it very difficult to keep them in stock, so we started selling other brands of craft beer and other styles of beer as well, such as rare sharing bottles of beer from all over Europe. With the help of Benjamin Thompson owner of The Plasterers we were able to source some of the most amazing beers in the country and in a little less than a year we were retailing cutting edge beers.

A couple of years ago Jeff (a dear friend) introduced me to the wonderful world of minimal invervention wines, and since then I have been looking for them all over the country and with the exception of London, it was so difficult to get that I decided to start selling them. Jeff hooked me up with some great producers and we started to sell their wines at kofra but it wasn’t enough. Then one day, Abel walked into the shop for a barista job interview and he mentioned his vast experience with and passion for natural wines. The rest is history. In just a few months he has transformed our wine program at Kofra, and almost single handedly introduced “Naturals” to the kofra gang and it is now a thing in Norwich.

Inevitably Kofra has evolved, but let’s not forget that we are and always will be a coffee shop, a very good coffee shop. It just happens that we sell the exact products we like. We are blessed with the freedom to be ourselves and retail only what we love.

So if you are ever around and fancy some weird and wonderful coffee, beer or wine, come and say hello. You can be sure that a friendly face will be there to happily open a bottle or brew a cup of delicious coffee and talk about our little boutique of flavours.