As we approach the first month since Kofra landed at SCVA I think it is now a good time to write a few thoughts that have been in my head since the opening.

I am incredibly proud and honoured to be able to have a small space to make delicious coffees at the most high profile space in the county. That is an amazing achievement and it bares great responsibility, to live up to the expectation to deliver world class coffee.

So, what does KOFRA mean? That is the question I have been asked the most in the past four weeks. It reminds me of when I opened Kofra and I would answer the same question over and over again and I have been thinking of how to reply now that Kofra has evolved and has inevitably changed from what I imagined it to be into what people have made of it.

Back in 2014 I wrote a blog and said this: “Kofra is a shorter word for “Cofradía” which basically means brotherhood in Spanish. It is a word used in Central America mostly to identify associations or societies, in this case a coffee society. We were looking for a short word that had a meaning related to coffee so we shortened the word, changed the letter “C” for the letter ‘K’, and so the name Kofra was born”

I suppose the whole meaning of Kofra is The Brotherhood of Coffee, or the Coffee society.  Now 3 and a half years later I realise that the name Kofra is also associated with quality and that is to me the biggest achievement of all. Because that is what we pursue every day. And from now on when people ask me what kofra means, I will proudly reply:


Coffee guy.