You probably already know what Kofra is all about.
We’ve been around for over 3 years doing pretty much what we want.
Coffee was the starting point, but we are getting more and more excited about other sources of flavour… and the Upper St Giles street party at the Lanes Fayre is a chance to finally showcase all of that on the other side of the bridge.
Expect coffee, of course. But also weird and wonderful beers, minimal intervention wines by the glass (well, that’s up to you), and we just landed some Portuguese conserves (think ultra modern canned fish)…
In short, one of Norwich’s busiest summer events is taking place and Carol Lake & her partner, John, are trusting us with their amazing space at Studio at 91 (I promise we will ALL behave) and we will be sharing our favourite products with our biggest smile. It can only be fun! Join us from 10am at 91 Upper St Giles.

The Kofra gang.

Kofra ‘pop up’ at 91 Upper St Giles opens on 9th July at 10am.