Thank you.

I often ask people who work in coffee, in which industry they think they work, and the answer is almost always the same… “I work in the Speciality Coffee industry”. I disagree. One of the first things I tell the baristas at Kofra and at G&G is this: We work in the SERVICE industry, it happens that our product is coffee, it happens that we care about coffee, but let’s never forget that we work in the service industry. 

We, as a coffee shop, exist because our customers choose to come in and give us the chance to prepare coffee for them. With a smile, respect, and swiftness. We are not doing them a favour, it doesn’t matter if they are on the phone or not in the mood to talk, they haven’t had their coffee yet! And it is our job to be respectful of that and give them the best possible experience. This is the brief, simple. Be nice to people and make a good cup of coffee and the customers will be back, guaranteed.

It has been nearly 3 years of Kofra and we could not be happier but most importantly: we are grateful; grateful because you guys have made us who we are, WE EXIST BECAUSE YOU HAVE CHOSEN TO COME IN. Thank you for a magical 2016, we have learnt a lot and we have made many many new friends. Thank you for allowing us to live our dream.

Here is to 2017 and to many more years of good conversations, good coffee and good friendships.