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The Street

Trowse Newton


NR14 8AH

Our store in Trowse has been an old dream of mine for quite some time. So when the opportunity came we jumped right into it. I didn't think about it twice.


I know we talk about community and how much we want to be part of it but it isn't until you see a community that really is who they say they are, that one realises that we still have so much to learn. Trowse is a very tight community, a place where everyone knows each other, where everyone says hello to each other and we couldn't be more grateful for being there in yet another little corner of the world. 


From day one, we felt like we belonged and the community made us feel very welcomed and appreciated.  The standards they expect are an inspiration for myself and our baristas to keep up, great coffee, great manners and good conversation are expected and in return we get to be part of this beautiful part of the world. 


Opening hours

Wednesday to Friday

8.30 am - 4.00 pm


8.00 am - 5pm


9.00 am - 5.00 pm

Monday & Tuesday - Closed

Bank Holiday Hours:

If a bank holiday falls on a day we would usually be open our hours will be adjusted that day to;

9am - 5pm