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Nothing beats the smile that comes after the first bite of a great cake; it is happiness in itself. A good cake should have the right texture, volume, colour and shape. You see, life is an adventure, every season with its own fruits and colours is like a gift in life. Imagine savouring apple and cinnamon, it almost feels like a hug in the dark winter months, just as lemon in summer reflects the brightness of the season or the sound of crispy leaves of autumn brings the crunching of nuts to mind. Well executed cakes should always be seasonal and therefore in contact with nature.


A cake also has the power to tell a story:


“It was on a family holiday in Chiapas, Mexico that I first understood the power of food. While walking with my family in the middle of nowhere we suddenly heard the sound of a bell ringing. We followed the sound, and it turned out to be a bakery run by a French couple, the bells announced it was time to come and get the leftovers from the day. Children first, elderly people next and then the rest of the town. The pastries were delicious but most importantly it made the day of these people a little bit better and I just fell in love with that idea. Food defines cultures, and has a mayor influence on social interaction in society, and through my baking I feel part of that. 


After culinary school in France and 8 years in Paris, where I worked at some of the most prestigious food establishments  I moved to the UK to follow my passion and to develop my own style based on the principles of seasonality and great produce with the aim to make cakes that make people’s day just a little bit better."




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