Natural Wine


We ventured into the world of Natural wines after being introduced by some friends of Kofra back in 2015, and we haven't looked back since. Finding such similarities with coffee, it soon became a labour of love and a separate outlet of expression for the team and the company as a whole.


After starting humbly with only a handful of bottles, we now boast an impressive selection of over 100 wines from around the world, from the much loved classic Chianti to some pretty funky blends.


As our portfolio grew so did the interest and understanding of our customers. We now host wine evenings and tastings to encourage more people to indulge in some tasty organic and biodynamic wines.


Our approach is simple, just as it is with coffee, no jargon or baffling you with talks of terroir. We want to spread the joy and experiences that these wines can bring, without you requiring a large degree of knowledge, other than what you know you like and an openness to try something new. Rest assured that whatever we serve you will be the best possible product we can find. 


After all, we are just a group of coffee-loving wine enthusiasts ourselves!


All of our wines are available to purchase at our Upper St Giles store and to view online at




Wine Buyer

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Craft Beer


Chances are, if you like good coffee and wine you will be into great beer.

There is definitely no shortage of some really fantastic places to get excellent beers in this fine city, especially over in our beloved neighbourhood, NR3.

Jose's love for delicious beers came long before natural wines and dare I say, even before his founded love for coffee, so it was only natural that he introduced them to Kofra early on. After his own very notable and multi-award winning Kofra stout, he endeavored to introduce new and innovative craft beers to Norwich and we have continued to do so for almost 7 years now. 


Our offering and caliber of beers has definitely developed and evolved over the years. We keep our selection small, only stocking premium breweries and hard to find batches that you wouldn't be able to pick up from your corner shop. 


Our carefully curated assortment of beers fits wonderfully in our St Giles store, all to complete our boutique of flavours.


Head Barista at Upper St Giles


Dry Aged Beef

The art of fire and the sentiment of cooking a great steak is extremely tender and feminine, it is the culmination of a chain of small acts of respect for what we are about to eat.


We love the things that are worth waiting for and we wait on average 31 days for our beef to be dry aged and as we patiently see it change every day we imagine the most sincere way to cook it. 


Like everything else we sell at Kofra, traceability is important and we only work with farmers we trust.  Swannington farm is our local partner and they make sure we get only the best of the best, we then respectfully cover our meat in cheese cloth and place it into the most advanced dry ager in the world. We all are then rewarded with deliciousness at the end of the process. 


Buen provecho. 



Coffee guy



Speciality Cakes


Nothing sparks joy like cake and for us, being able to make something tasty and beautiful out of fresh quality produce.


The magic when delicious cakes, and freshly out of the oven cookies, come to the counter. What a privilege to see peoples faces, smiling like little kids, when they come into the shops and get excited about the cake offering. 

We source the highest quality natural ingredients and bake everything fresh in our Kofra Bakery based at our Upper St Giles location.

We always have something for everyone, vegan, gluten free and dairy free, without compromising on flavour.

We are constantly inspired for new flavours and designs by what we see around us in nature and the changing seasons. Most importantly, we just love to come up with new and tasty ways to make you smile!


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Cheese, cured meats and preserves.

See our current selection of cheeses here.