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81 Upper St Giles



Kofra on Upper St Giles opened in February 2020 after an emotional farewell to our original shop on Unthank Road the previous December. Our vision was to reopen Kofra’s flagship store to become a larger sit-in café, to function as a central bakery for our neighbourhood branches and to serve as a distribution centre for our growing online sales.


Upper St Giles Street is a vibrant community in its own right and has become a hub for retailers of creative and high quality products. Being fortunate enough to acquire this incredible space, we have aimed to showcase the full extent of what the Kofra brand has to offer. Whilst coffee remains central to our business, natural wine has continued to grow in popularity. We have one of the most varied natural wine selections in the region and it has been my privilege to inspire our community in their enjoyment through regular evenings serving wine by the glass. This shop functions in part as a deli, offering cured meats, cheese, craft beer and other high quality products to compliment our coffee.


Despite a more central city location, at Upper St Giles the sense of community remains as strong as ever. We have striven to forge relationships with our neighbours and to use this incredible location to bring world-class coffee to the heart of Norwich. 

Opening hours

Monday to Saturday

7.30 am - 5 pm


9 am - 5 pm

Bank Holiday Hours:

We open Sunday hours on all Bank Holidays, regardless of the day.

9am - 5pm

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