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Chances are, if you like good coffee and wine you will be into great beer.

There is definitely no shortage of some really fantastic places to get excellent beers in this fine city, especially over in our beloved neighbourhood, NR3.

Jose's love for delicious beers came long before natural wines and dare I say, even before his founded love for coffee, so it was only natural that he introduced them to Kofra early on. After his own very notable and multi-award-winning Kofra stout, he endeavored to introduce new and innovative craft beers to Norwich and we have continued to do so for almost 9 years now. 


Our offering and calibre of beers has definitely developed and evolved over the years. We keep our selection small, only stocking premium breweries and hard to find batches that you wouldn't be able to pick up from your corner shop. 


Our carefully curated assortment of beers fits wonderfully in our stores, all to complete our boutique of flavours. 

Below is a preview of the calibre of beers we source and sell in-store at Upper St Giles and Onley Street.

Verdant on tap, now available at Upper St Giles!

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