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If you are a little bit like me you know that the first song you listen to in the morning has the power set you up for the day. At Kofra, we are always on the upbeat side, using beats that instinctively make you move around and smile, and just like that you started your day on the right foot. In need of caffeine and good vibes? We’ve got you covered. 


We are always happy to be there for you! It’s not only about the coffee, it’s all about the experience you get when you come over to Kofra; a smile and maybe a quick chat before kicking off your day, and of course: some great coffee!


The way we see it, coffee is pretty special.


Barista at Onley Street 


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At Kofra, we strive to ensure that every cup served is of exceptional quality. Over the years, we’ve fine tuned our set-up to include only the tools which help us deliver such unrivalled consistency. I’m firstly going to run you through the gear we use to extract a bright, punchy and delicious espresso. After that, we’ll do the same for brewing a sweet, clean cup of filter.




Anfim SP II

Titanium burrs powered at 650rpm offer fantastic consistency in grind size. Stepless grind adjustment allows for total control and precision when dialling in. 



Gone are the days of sore wrists and fluctuating extractions! Delivers a perfectly flat and level tamp, with pressure adjustable to the kilogram. 


Rancilio RS1

Independent grouphead boilers, advanced temperature profiling, and a brain bigger than mine: this absolute workhorse is the trustiest of steads. 


Uber Milk

This guy is a game changer. Perfectly textured milk on tap - you heard me right! Delivered to our pitchers at 64 degrees, and in under 10 seconds. 





With humble beginnings as a spice grinder, the EK43 has evolved into the undisputed king of the coffee world. Outstanding particle size distribution, for perfectly balanced and consistently on point extractions.



Bunn Infusion Brewer

Customised precisely with pre-infusion, pulse brew, and bypass settings. I would love to tell you our recipe, but then, of course, I’d have to kill you. 


And last but not least, the final and most crucially important piece of the puzzle - the knowledge and passion of our wonderful team of baristas. Without them, this equipment would be totally redundant: reduced to shiny pieces of metal with flashing lights and oddly sized knobs. Their tireless quest to improve their palettes, and innovate in their methods, to ensure that you get that exceptional cup of coffee is truly inspiring. 



General Manager


Our Equipment. 

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