Julinana Guevara

Origin: La Argentina, Huila, Colombia

Process: Washed DF

Varietals: Caturra Chiroso

Altitude: 1850-1950 masl

Profile: Clean and sweet with Watermelon and Stone fruit

Juliana has been a producing coffee with her husband for the past 4 years. The farm is called Finca La Terraza. It is located in the municipality of La Argentina, in the department of Huila and is located in the village of Las Águilas. The farm is located at a height that ranges between 1,850 and 1,950 meters above sea level. It has an area of 14 hectares, of which 7 are in full production and another 7 hectares which were recently planted.

There are also 4 hectares that are in a nature reserve and that have been left in a state of conservation in order to protect and preserve all species of both plants and trees, as well as animals, which inhabit the region. In doing so, they also achieve the conservation of all the water sources that arise on the farm, and protect the surrounding watersheds, benefiting the entire community of the municipality, which is supplied by this tributary.

The region has a climate of approximately 20 degrees Celsius and is located on the central mountain range, to the southwest of the department. Its geography can be described as magical, as it is surrounded by natural reserves, dormant volcanoes and old silver mines.

Within the farm they have cultivated traditional coffee species such as red bourbon, yellow bourbon, pink bourbon, pacamara, caturra chiroso, tabi and Colombia variety. Crop that, by decision, has been managed sustainably, that is, making use of agricultural and agronomic practices with elements and products that do not alter the natural balance of the soil, do not contaminate water sources and do not harm natural species that are in the area.

This caturra chiroso lot is harvested manually, then fermented for 72-86 hours before going through pulping, dry fermentation for 24 hours and washed with a little water to maintain muscilage. The coffee is then dried in plastic tents for 15-20 days.