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Diego Samuel


  1. Collect 95% ripe cherry, washed with ozonated water and UV light to remove microorganisms

  2. Sealed chamber fermentation with added favourable microorganisms in steel tank for 48hrs, temperature 18 degrees

  3. Depulping

  4. Sealed chamber fermentation in steel tank for 48hrs, temperature 21 degrees

  5. Heat shock with 12 degree water to kill microorganisms alive at 40 degrees

  6. Controlled drying for 38hrs, with air recirculation at 35 degrees relative humidity of 25% until the grain reaches humidity of between 10-11%

Origin: Cauca, Colombia

Process: M03 Thermal Washed

Variety: Pink Bourbon

Altitude: 1,920 masl

Diego Samuel Bermudez Tapia, Born in Bolivar Cauca, Professional in Agricultural Business Administration. It all starts by planting a crop on his parents’ farm. El Paraiso, as its name says, is a true paradise full of crops and an exceptional infrastructure suitable for coffee processing. Diego, who from the university already found a passion, his leadership and enthusiastic spirit led him to be in constant learning and growth by immersing himself in the subject of coffee growing. Finca El Paraiso is an example of teamwork, family unity and a lot of perseverance, although Diego is the one who started his whole family, he is also part of this, Alexander Bermudez, his brother, did not doubt Diego’s initiative for a minute, decided to support him and work hand in hand with him, taking the subject to another level with the change of traditional techniques.

Day by day the innovative ideas, the perseverance and the desire to excel lead them to implement new technologies not only for their benefit but also for other producers, that is how today Diego is the manager of INDESTEC SAS a family business that is dedicated to benefit production and marketing of specialty coffee in the world.


The family business has received several awards: in 2015 it ranked number 16 in the ’Cauca best cup special coffee fair’, in 2016 it ranked number three in the ‘Yara champions program’, in 2017 it ranked number eight in the ‘Fourth best coffee fair in Cauca’ and in 2018 first place in the ‘Fifth best coffee fair in Cauca’, ‘in Master of coffee Colombia’ and ‘Colombia land of diversity’ among other recognitions. Implementing technology focused on the critical factor of the coffee process such as drying, with a system that is friendly to the environment and at the same time independent of the climatic factor, allowing us to obtain traceability and

continuous cup quality.


Finca El Paraiso currently has one of the most innovative and technologically equipped facilities for the processing and bulk drying of specialty coffees, with a physical/sensory analysis laboratory, a microbiology laboratory where all the processes carried out in search of differentiated profiles. The scientific approach of Diego Bermudez has led him to experiment in the different processes, which has allowed him to produce coffee profiles on request according to the consumer’s taste, likewise his purpose is to go hand in hand with environmental work as he recognizes that it is vitally important to make good use of the natural resources around you.

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