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Bring Some Magic This Christmas with Kofra Wines.

On the run up to Christmas, I always get the most excited when I’m choosing my food and wine.

When we first tasted our curated Kofra wines, we were not only delighted at how delicious they were but impressed at how versatile and accessible they could be. I was looking around the shop trying to decide on our top Christmas picks and kept coming back to the Kofra wines and realising how well they fit with Christmas.

- Matt


Grape: 80% Semillon, 10% Gamay, 10% Pinot Noir

Region: Loire Valley, France

Olivia will be the fizz of choice for toasting this Christmas and New Year. I am already dreaming of waking up on Christmas morning to a glass of Olivia with my scrambled eggs and smoked salmon. Olivia offers beautiful bright, juicy red apple and stone fruit flavours, backed up by some very subtle toasty notes. A delightful, easy drinking fizz you can drink joyfully to celebrate with your loved ones, free of the guilt of the Champagne price tag.


Grape: Melon de Bourgogne

Region: Loire Valley, France

A perfect all rounder white wine for Christmas and New Year. The grape is a fabulous pairing for any seafood based dishes you may be cooking up over the festive period. Also a sound choice as an easy drinking aperitif wine.

We have tested it alongside our cheese range and have found the minerals and bright acidity a great accompaniment to some of our more fruity/fragrant cheeses - try with our Comtė, Taleggio, Bleu de Gex and Bleu di Nicoletta.

This wine offers a burst of bright citrus fruit up front. We then notice a subtle, sweet note of honey appear before it rounds off with a steely, dry, saline mineral finish.


Grape: Gamay

Region: Loire Valley, France

Gamay is a famously wonderful grape for pairing with roasted poultry dishes. Being a fuller, and more structured expression of the grape than its Beaujolais counterparts, it holds up beautifully with food, especially those dishes with a fruity element - I’m definitely thinking of turkey and cranberry sauce.

It will also prove a beautiful accompaniment to your cheese and charcuterie boards. Its beautiful, bright red fruit acidity provides a wonderful compliment and relief to the fatty and creamy elements to your cheese boards, always encouraging you to take that one extra bite.

Try this with our Salers Vieux, Monlesi, Truffle Gouda, Truffle Brie, Basque Bonnet, Truffle Salami (a must try).

Don’t take our word for it - come taste for yourself! All three wines are available to taste in our St Giles store from now until Christmas.

Feliz Navidad!


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