The way we see it, </br>coffee is pretty special.

The way we see it,
coffee is pretty special.

It takes a lot of people and a lot of care to get it right

– farmers, pickers, buyers, and roasters all putting in the hours. We know that we’re the last step in a long line of hard-working, passionate people. It’s why we think we owe it to them to get it right. To serve the best coffee we can.

The </br>monks </br>are back!

are back!


All right stop


and listen

Watch the video
Watch the video


But first ... coffee! Pt.2

As a Guatemalan, I learned very early in life that coffee as a product is as much about people as it is about beans, not just the people working in coffee bars but the people in producing countries. Every time I think back on my childhood, the kids I played football with on the streets of Xela, my hometown, come to my mind.

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But first ... coffee! Pt.1

One of my earliest memories is the smell of coffee, but not roasted coffee. I am talking about the smell in the air when coffee beans are left to dry out on patios.

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Kofra & Redwell Collaboration.

Sometimes things just happen. And that is the best sign of something special. The rest is history. This is the result of a true collaboration, the Kofra Stout will be available from Thursday the 5th of November. Enjoy.

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