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Dia de Muertos

There is something in the air when Dia de Muertos is close in the calendar, maybe the change of season or the colourful kites that are flying all over my home town, the flowers, aromas of food and the traditional delicacies that make an appearance on many family tables. It also brings into our homes the family "altar" (shrine) and the conversations about the ones who are no longer with us, but who have left a legacy in our families and continue to shape the way we think and behave today. This is how I remember Dia de Muertos. It is a colourful, energetic and beautiful celebration; the very definition of joy! My favourite holiday.

Maybe you have passed by a Kofra near you and noticed that we have a new window celebration, this year I decided not to do an Autum theme. Instead, I wanted to share and celebrate Dia de Muertos, from today until November the 2nd we will be celebrating it at Kofra. In my heart, it is my favourite holiday, no other date in the year is as special as Dia de Muertos to me. It is a day to celebrate the ones that are no longer with us and, for as long as we remember them, they don't die. No day goes by without me thinking about the people that made me the person I am today and who are no longer with us. Abuela, papa, Mama Oli and some friends that live in my heart; people who I am grateful to to have had in my life and continue living in me as they inspire me to keep doing what I love and to take every opportunity to live life. At Kofra we wanted to share this season with you and remind you that for as long as we remember them they never die. Keep Living life.




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