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Sourcing, Roasting and Resting

These three verbs represent the most important stages in the beans journey, from origin country to cup. They are also the areas in which, I believe, speciality coffee differs the most from the wider coffee scene.

We source our beans from what are known as green buyers, these are organisations that work as an intermediary between the roaster and the producer. The green buyers cultivate long term partnerships with producers, developing trust and ensuring accountability, this allows high quality coffee to demand a high price. At Kofra we buy fresh crop from a lot of different of farms, with varying lot sizes, thus we gain experience working with a wide range of origins, processing methods and flavour profiles. Subsequently, multiple producers receive equitable payment that is a true reflection of the excellence of their coffee, which in turn enables them to develop their methods, farms and reputation. Once the green beans have been selected, sampled and bought, the next stage is roasting. Kofra’s journey with roasting began with a craving from the owner, Jose, to attempt a new challenge. In 2018, amidst the whirlwind of everything that year brought, Jose made the decision that Kofra should no longer just brew coffee. The ambition of Kofra to establish it’s own roasters identity, amongst truly high class veterans of the field, was not undertaken lightly, nor without counsel. With the guidance of one roastery in particular, Caffènation, the roasting style we now so fondly call to mind was born.

We roast in a light, Scandinavian style. With the aim to highlight and enhance the brightness and complexity of the high quality and premium coffees that we source.

Throughout Kofra’s seven years of brewing coffee, we’ve always tried to adapt and evolve the way we do things to improve the end result. One crucial change we implemented was resting coffee before brewing it. We discovered that a brew from a well rested coffee, of at least 10 days, had an incredible depth of flavour when compared with it’s unrested brew. So now we rest of all our coffee before putting it out on shelves and hoppers, and recommend our customers do the same.


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